Feeltec Golf Grips

How much better are Feeltec grips compared to the leading brand of PU wrap grips?

Way better!

First of all, Feeltec grips are seamless.
A seamless grip is surely better than one with a seam. PU Wrap grips from the leading brand are made by gluing the outer PU skin around a rubber tubing, leaving a seam at the back of the grip. With this seam comes inconsistency and weak spots, resulting in a less durable grip. Feeltec pioneered the Optimized Seamless Technology where the outer PU skin and the middle shock-absorbing layer are fused onto the under-listing all in one piece. The result is a seamless grip that is far more superior.

Secondly, Feeltec grips are made by an automated process, not manually glued. This results in much more consistent grips. Our automated process produces high quality and high performance grips that are comfortable, stable and durable.

More importantly, Feeltec grips are “green”.
The under-listings on Feeltec grips are made of an environmentally friendly material. Unlike rubber which will stay in our landfills forever, this material disintegrates into carbon, a natural element in our environment by hydrolysis after old grips are discarded and thrown into the landfill.

Reduce your scores. Reduce your footprint. Re-grip with Feeltec!